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“Why Are You Acting Like A Lawyer On Pandora Papers”

 Anwar Ibrahim today expressed his dissatisfaction with Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun for rejecting a motion to discuss the Pandora Papers. PKR chief asked Speaker that why he is defending politicians and acting like a lawyer whose names were appeared in Pandora Papers. According to Anwar, the issue does not only involve the Pandora Papers, but also the Global Financial Integrity report 2012 and the disclosure of the Panama Papers in 2015.

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Anwar asked in the parliament on what basis Speaker is advocating on the behalf of corrupt people. Anwar claimed that he has all the documents that how a minister saved its money millions of ringgit abroad. 

“I don’t know why you are playing a lawyer’s role for these people,” Anwar asked.

Speaker Azhar, however, rejected Anwar’s claim and said that he is not defending anyone.

Last week, Azhar rejected Anwar’s request to discuss Pandora Papers In the parliament, citing that matter is important but this is not the right time and appropriate platform.

Earlier, Azhar said Anwar should have used Rule 43 to enable the Dewan Rakyat to discuss the decision he had presented last week.

Apart from that, Azhar said, to the best of his knowledge, Pandora Papers was not about hoarding or withdrawing money up to billions of ringgit abroad.

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