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Third Covid-19 Wave: Cases Increase All Over World, Indonesia New Epicenter

Indonesia is experiencing its worst Covid-19 crisis over the past few weeks since the pandemic began last year in early March. In the last 24 hours, Indonesia reported over 51,000 new cases and nearly 1,100 new deaths. More than 70 percent of cases are coming from the Java province of Indonesia. West Java, capital Jakarta, Centra Java, East Java, Banten and Yogyakarta are the worst hit. Meanwhile, the government is planning to extend the lockdown ahead of the Hari Raya festival in order to contain the Covid-19 cases.

Indonesia a new epicenter of Covid-19
Several ground reports claim that Indonesia is battling with hospital beds, oxygen shortage and basic medicines for patients. Many hospitals are overwhelmed and refusing to admit Covid patients.

With over daily 1,000 new deaths and more than 50 thousand plus cases, Indonesia has left India behind to become the worst-hit nation in the world.

Many Experts believe that government holidays and festivals like Eid are majorly responsible for an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases. Indonesians usually cross borders to meet their family members and relatives during the festivals.

Delta variant, which first saw in India, is also responsible for Increase cases in the world’s largest Muslim country.

As of now, less than 6 percent of people have been fully vaccinated. Indonesia has over 270 million population.

Early Stage of Third Wave
On the other hand, countries around the world are also witnessing a new wave of deadly Coronavirus over the past few weeks. Apart from Indonesia, Britain, India, Thailand and Brazil are recording the highest number of Covid cases in the world in the past week.

The US, Russia, Australia, Israel and Malaysia have seen a surge in new cases and a dramatic increase in deaths from the last week.

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