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“So Far Ismail Sabri Is BN PM Candidate For GE15,” Says Mahdzir Khalid

UMNO vice-president Mahdzir Khalid announced that Ismail Sabri remains the party’s poster boy and PM candidate for GE15. He was replying to a viral social media statement claiming that if BN won GE15, its president Ahmed Zahid will become the next PM. However, Mahdzir revealed that the party never discussed Ahmad Zahid’s candidacy as PM and so far decision made at the party level is that Ismail would remain as 10th Prime Minister if party won GE15.

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Mahdzir, who is also Rural Development minister, said that the viral social media comment stating that the party will discuss Ahmad Zahid’s candidacy at UMNO supreme council meeting on September 30 is false. He said that such false statements are aiming to cause a division in UMNO.

In his statement, he said, “I as a party vice-president can say that there were no such meetings. So far the decision made at the party level is that Ismail Sabri is our poster boy and PM candidate for GE15.”

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