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Selangor Woman Sexually Assaulted In Parking Lot

A woman has shared an incident that she was sexually assaulted in a parking lot of a mall in Selangor. Nina the victim opened about the incident on her Instagram urging all her female friends to be very careful and vigilant of their surroundings on 21st December. “I was sexually assaulted and molested by an unknown man this morning at the parking area of a retail area in front of my 2-year-old daughter.” Nina’s story read.

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“As hard as it is to for me to share the news, for the safety of others, I decided that I should. Never thought that it would ever happen to me,” she said.

Nina, who said that she was a frequent visitor to the mall and felt that she had taken her safety for granted, was a victim of sexual assault.

Nina then recalled the horrific incident and said that as she was returning from shopping and was near her car she noticed a reflection of a person in the car in front of her and thought that the person was going towards their car too.

Nina’s little daughter was sitting in the trolley as the man launched or on her and groped her breasts mercilessly while all Nina could do was shout and panic.

“I panicked and all I managed to do was scream. All of my martial arts training went out the door at that moment. Unfortunately, there was no one else around at the time,” she said.

She then collapsed and fell to the ground as the man ran away. Nina could not see the face of the man as he came from behind on and was wearing a mask.

The attacker let go and ran away. I somehow managed to shout ‘kurang ajar’ at him,” she added.

Horrified, Nina then ran back to the store with her daughter and called her husband as she couldn’t stop crying. “I was crying on the phone like a crazy woman but no one stopped to ask or help.”

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