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Russia’s Sputnik V vs America’s Moderna: Comparing Covid-19 Vaccine Cost

The Russian Vaccine Sputnik V against Covid-19 will cost much lower than the US Pfizer and Moderna, the Russian drugmaker company revealed on Twitter. Russia was the first country in the world to give regulatory approval to a Covid-19 vaccine in August– developed in cooperation with Gamaleya National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Healthcare Ministry.

According to reports, Covid-19 victims need to take two doses of Pfizer, Sputnik V, and Moderna vaccines. The price of Pfizer is said to be $19.50 and Moderna is $37 per dose. Which means their actual price is $39 and $74 per person.

However, the Russian Vaccine Official handle announced that the price of Sputnik V will be much lower.

Russia became the first country to give regulatory approval to Covid-19 vaccine in August when Sputnik V was officially registered after large-scale clinical trials.

According to the analysis, Sputnik V is 92% effective and its price will be declared soon.

Latest Posts

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