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Contact Embassy For Banking Issues: Govt To Students In Russia

Foreign Ministry (Wisma Putra) Sunday informed Malaysian students in Russia to contact its embassy in Moscow following the financial and banking-related issues. The Ministry said in a statement that students need to contact consular assistance in the Moscow embassy so they resolve their difficulties regarding the financial transactions in Russia. The statement comes following online transaction related problems in Russia due to heavy sanctions imposed by the West following the Ukraine war.

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There are reports that people in Russia are facing banking and financial related difficulties after Electronic Transfer Fund (ETF) has been halted following the sanctions.

“Malaysians who are still facing EFT banking difficulties with their Russian accounts and required consular assistance are likely advised to contact the embassy via or email (kbm.moscow@yandex.ru) and hotline =79067461333/ =79035666101/ =79035048666)” the according to Malaysia Foreign Ministry.

According to the government, currently, there are 784 students and 33 expatriates in Russia.

The government also urged students, who still trapped in war-torn Ukraine, to contact its embassy in Warsaw for help.

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