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Philippines Bans Travel From Malaysia Over Covid Delta Variant Spread

Philippines has barred people from Malaysia due to the spread of Covid’s Delta variant. The government said that the move, which will come into effect on 25 July, has been taken in order to contain the new variant of Covid-19. Philippines has also barred travel from Thailand, Indonesia and India.

The spokesperson of the Philippines government has said that travel will be banned from Malaysia and Thailand from the upcoming Sunday. He said that the move has taken in a bid to prevent the local transmissible of Covid-19 pandemic.

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The move comes in the view of a massive spike in Covid-19 cases in Malaysia over the past weeks. Malaysia Health DG Dr Hisham has also said that Delta, which is responsible for the surge in cases, has been found in almost all the states. On Friday Malaysia saw over 15,000 new Covid cases—the highest since the pandemic hit the country.

Meanwile, Philippines is also planning to impose strict lockdown again after health experts urged government to do so. As of now, Philippines has seen over 27,000 deaths due to deadly Coronavirus.

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