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“Nonsensical, Arrogant”: Saddiq Slams Perak MB For His Remark On Free Smartphones

Malaysia United Democratic Alliance (Muda) chief Syed Saddiq has slammed Perak MB Saarani Mohamad for his remark on the free smartphone for students distributed by YTL Foundation. Syed termed Perak MB’s statement as completely nonsensical and arrogant. Yesterday, Saarani had said that whatever the smartphones were given to students were “good enough” and “better than having nothing”.

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Muar Member of Parliament Syed Saddiq has asked Perak MB that why indeed it was so difficult to give a quality phone to students.

His statement came hours after Saarani said that the state government has done a good job in terms of distributing smartphones to students for teaching and learning at home amid the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

“Do not belittle students if there is no effort to help their education. What is so difficult about a good quality phone?” the 28-year-old asked.

His party Muda also tweeted, and asked Saarani to apologize and seek redress for students for bad quality smartphones.

The party said that government has money for students and it must be used for their well being and future.

Yesterday, reacting on bad quality of smartphone and criticism on social media, Saarani Mohammad had said, “When we are in trouble, we accept any alms.”

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