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“No Reason To Stop Non-Vaccinated Students To Attend School,” Says Minister

Deputy Education Minister Dr Mah Hang Soon said that the students who have not received their Covid-19 vaccine can also attend physical classes once the schools reopen. He said that the education ministry won’t stop such students as everyone has the right to study and attend school. Schools in Malaysia will reopen next month from October 3.

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The minister said that the ministry did consider the possibility that some students might reject getting vaccinations. He further added that some parents also do not want their children to receive vaccines, however, the number of such students is very less. 

He said the ministry has no reason to prevent students from returning to school without vaccination. He said this during a press conference on the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK). 

He said efforts are being made to make the parents understand the need for vaccinations for their safety and to protect children from infection.

He stated that the ministry is planning various promotional materials and leaflets will also be distributed to provide the parents with the correct information, so that they can their children receive the vaccination.

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