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Motivational Expert Denies Allegations Of Tarnishing Ebit Lew’s Reputation

Motivational expert Mohd Fairuz Abu has denied all allegations of conspiring against the celebrity preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew to tarnish his reputation. During the cross-examination of Ebit Lew’s sexual harrasment trial, Fairuz disagreed to the allegation of her pushing the sexual abuse victim to file a police complaint, when she didn’t wanted to, however, did after talking to him.

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On the first day of Ebit Lew’s sexual harrasment trial, Mohd Fairuz revealed that a woman contacted him over WhatsApp and shared screenshot of her chats with Ebit which consisted of pornographic images. He also stated that the woman initially afraid to go against a big personality like Ebit Lew, decided to lodge the police complaint on Fairuz’s suggestion, however only after discussing it with her husband.

Councel Ram Singh accused Mohd Fairuz and the founder of a non-governmental organisation of using social media and making arrangements for the woman to file the report to damage the accused reputation.

Islamic preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew is being for sexually harassing several women. He is facing 11 charges of sexual harrasment. He will face jail time of 5 years or a fine or both if convicted.

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