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“Going To Die Already”: Restaurant Puts Up Emotional Banner. What Happened Next

A woman in Melaka had to put up a banner saying that she will die if she doesn’t receive customers for her restaurant. “Going To Die Already,” Ms Anna Lee wrote on a big banner on the head of her restaurant. Much to the good, the “I Love Penang Street Food” restaurant in Jelan Tengkera started getting a few customers.

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A woman who runs a restaurant in Melaka came up with a banner after facing hardships in running her Covid affected businesses. “Please Support Us!! Going To Die Already,” the banner also that carried a picture of a prawn lying upside down read.

Ms Anna Lee, the owner of “I Love Penang Street Food” restaurant in Jelan Tengkera, had to put up the board after she received no customers for so many days.

Much for the good, the banner actually attracted a number of customers to her shop. Ms Lee said she had started her business last November, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Kota Laskamana assemblyman, Low Chee Leong, has also taken note of the situation. He has started a programme where he has vowed to pack food items to help the restaurants and send them to the needy in the historical city.

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