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Malaysia, No More Safe For Children? SEXUAL ASSAULTS On Minors See BIG Rise

Sexual, Women and Child Investigation Division revealed that the biggest concern today is child pornography. PDRM principal assistant director, ACP Siti Kamsiah Hassan, stated that children are more prone to becoming victims of sexual crimes without involving physical contact. Hassan said that sharing nudes and personal videos is becoming a trend these days with them having easy access to mobile phones and internet.

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Hassan explained that online predators create relationships with children and get them to share their personal videos and photos, which they later spread once the victim no longer wants to continue the relationship. From 2020 to 2011, there has been an increase of 11 reports of sexual crime. The division received a total of 11 such cases between January and April.

She further explained the process of taking down of these videos and pictures. Hassan stated that it takes the cooperation of a lot of agencies to remove these videos and images from the internet.

Hassan revealed that among the victims of social crime 60% of them involve children. To save them from becoming a victim of such crimes, she suggested that children must be taught social etiquette, social boundaries, what can be shared, what cannot be shared, such as personal matters, the body. She also suggested that parents should monitor their children.

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