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200,000 Get Jabs In Malaysia As Vaccination Picks Pace

With more than 200,000 jabs for the second consecutive day, Malaysia has proved that the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the country has gained tremendous momentum.

According to health ministry, 204,839 people were vaccinated yesterday. Earlier on Tuesday (15 June), the vaccination rate crossed record 200,000 for the first time.

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The Covid-19 vaccination rate in the country has crossed the 200,000-mark for the second consecutive day in a row. According to Health Ministry, the total administration of the COVID-19 vaccine as of 16 June 2021 was 5,108,948 doses.
The ministry further said in a tweet that 204,839 doses on 16 June were done. The number who received the first dose was 3,632,195 people. Of that number,1,476,753 people also received a second dose.
Meanwhile, the government has launched the vaccination programme at the workplace to reduce the Covid-19 clusters.

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