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Ismail Sabri Remains As UMNO’s PM Candidate For GE15, Suggests Zahid

UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today suggested that Ismail Sabri might remain as UMNO’s PM candidate for the 15th General Election. Zahid sounded optimistic and happy during his winding-up speech during the 2021 UMNO General Assembly. He said UMNO can grant people’s wished with someone like Ismail Sabri in the country’s top job. Earlier this morning, Ismail announced the implementation of RM1,500 minimum wage starting May 1.

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This came after Ismail Sabri listed his accomplishments since becoming prime minister. He also announced that the government has agreed to implement the new minimum wage of RM1,500 across the country from May 1. 

Over his deputy Mohamad Hasan, aspiring to become PM Zahid said, “I have never been jealous of him becoming prime minister because I an the one who nominated him for the job. Najib Razak and I do not care because we know blessings do not come at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Who knows if Tok Mat’s time will come in G615?”

Zahid even joked about such blessings not coming to him, Najib and several others because they were slapped with criminal charges during the PH administeration.

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