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Health Experts Raise Doubts Over Covid-19 Vaccine For All Malaysians By Next Year

Kuala Lumpur: A health expert has raised her concern over all the Malaysians getting vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of the next year, even though many vaccines would be available by that time.

Dr Tharani Loganathan, a public health specialist at Universiti Malaya, said that the government would first prioritise front liners and elderly when it comes to vaccination.

However, she said that the government must clearly announce that who is a frontliner and who is at risk of severe Covid-19 infection. Adding that the distribution of vaccines must be transparent and fair and the government must ensure that it reaches the masses without wastage.

She pointed out that the vaccination programme would be expensive, so it should be included in the National Immunisation Programme and made available to all citizens, considering the post-pandemic effects.

She even called for the workers’ group to be vaccinated first, as delaying in vaccinating them would put the nation in further danger.

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