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Elon Musk’s Chinese Doppelganger Shocks The Internet

A Chinese man who bears striking resemblance to the Tesla chief Elon Musk has stirred the internet and has social media users around the globe in search of him. A video of the ‘Chinese Elon Musk’ is going viral on the internet where the doppelganger is seen posing next to a car and mimicking the SpaceX boss.

The video was initially shared on the popular short video sharing platform ‘Tik-Tok’ and since then has been shared on other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Every now and then social media users find a ‘look-alike’ of their favourite celebrity. This time, internet users have given the name of ‘Yi Long Musk’ to this man. While alot of social media users believe that the man really exists, others tend to question it and believe the video is a deepfake (falsified videos that are made using AI technology).

“It’s a deep fake. There’s a small glitch when he speaks as the camera is panning around. It’s in the eyes and the mouth looks delayed,” one Facebook user pointed out looking at the video full of glitches.

Latest Posts

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