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Cop Detained For Accepting Sacks Of Onion As Bribe

Seremban OCPD Asst Commissioner Mohd said Ibrahim today said a police officer was arrested for asking and accepting two onion sacks in the form of bribes from a lorry attendant.

A legal complaint was reported against the policeman, after which he was arrested in Senawang, yesterday. The report was filed by the lorry attendant, who claims his lorry was stopped at a roadblock after he crossed the Senawang toll plaza.

The police officer asked the lorry driver and attendant to show a permit given by their employer, who allowed them to transport the goods during the conditional movement control order. Adding that if they fail to present the letter, they will have to pay a fine.

In a statement, he said that when they failed to show the permit, the policeman asked them to give the onions.

The case is being investigated under penal code for extortion, and if convicted the suspect would be facing a jail time of 10 years, or a fine or whipping.

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