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Aus Cricketer Aaron Summers Jailed For Explicit Children Pics In His Phone

Australian cricket star Aaron Summers is facing jail time for possessing sexually explicit images of children. The Pidofile will now be sentenced to jail for a period of around four years and cannot apply for payroll for the next two years. The cricketer was found to be contacting children below the age of 16. Summer said had stored the pictures to blackmail the children.

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“You said your reason for recording this material was to ensure you had blackmail material of the child if they ever threatened to share the naked images or videos which you had sent to them,” said Justice John Burns as quoted by abc.net.au.

During the investigation police also found out that Summers has had also been contacting children below the age of 16 on social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat. Several files containing over 80 adult pictures of children were found with the cricketer.

“These types of offences are typically committed by persons like the offender who have no prior criminal history and good character,” said Hannah White, Commonwealth Prosecutor.

It was also reported that summers had stored these nude pictures of children To blackmail them if they ever tried to report the cricketer for asking or possessing their nude videos and pictures.

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