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Anwar And Rafizi Together Can Restore PKR, Says Youth Leader

PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Ab Razak said PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli can together restore the party and win over people’s hearts. He said Rafizi can help in making Anwar the prime minister if he becomes his deputy in the party. Razak said Ramli’s return to politics has brought optimism inside and outside PKR. “There’s no doubt that Rafizi can shoulder this responsibility,” he added.

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PKR Youth Secretary said it would be a loss if Rafizi is not given the chance to serve as Anwar’s deputy, considering he can help restore people’s confidence in the party and Pakatan Harapan.
In a statement, he said, “The combination of Anwar and Rafizi can surely restore PKR while winning over the people’s hearts, bringing a fresh narrative and continuing the struggle to make Anwar prime minister.”
He said Rafizi should be given a position where he could be of maximum use for PKR and PH. Razak further added that part leaders and members should take advantage of Rafizi’s presence and return to the political arena.

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