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2 Weeks Work From Home For Civil Servants Who Lost Their Spouses Due To Covid

Work From Home (WFH) for two weeks will be allowed to those civil servants who lost their spouses due to Covid-19, according to the statement from Public Service Department. The statement said that the move will not only heal government officials from trauma and pain but it will also increase productivity at the same time. The department also directed government offices to allow public servants to WFH who lost their husbands or wives.

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The decision of the two weeks Work From Home for government employees was in line with PM Ismail Sabri’s statement on Women’s Day on March 8.

The department said that the weekend offs and other governments holidays will be included in two weeks WFH facility.

“This is aimed at paying attention to the welfare of civil servants and, at the same time, to increase quality and productivity in their delivery of services to the people,” it said in a statement.

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