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Pfizer Accepts Its Covid Vaccine Efficiency Wanes After Sometime

Pfizer Inc has confirmed that according to the US and Israel’s recent data, Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine efficiency starts fading after sometime. The company added that a booster shot is needed to provide protection from the new variants. During a presentation, Pfizer said the rate of Covid-19 infection is rising in those who have been vaccinated earlier. 

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A panel is expected to decide if Booster shot flow should be increased in America. Company’s researchers said the diminishing effect of the vaccine is mostly due to waning of vaccine immune responses over time.

Meanwhile, Food and Drug Administration released the agenda of the meeting, which included a presentation from the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and also researchers from Israel and the US. 

The company also revealed that even though vaccine is providing protection against hospitalisation and severe disease, its effect starts waning over time, making elderly people more vulnerable to severe diseases.

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