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Canada Elections: Justin Trudeau To Stay In Power With Minority Govt

Justin Trudeau retained power for the third consecutive time after winning the presidential elections. Trudeau’s Liberal Party, however, failed to touch the magic number to form the government, and gained 156 seats, while the opposition Conservative party got 121 seats. With 32 seats, Quebec-based Bloc Québécois was on number three spot. While the New Democrats party managed to win only three seats.

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Expressing his gratitude to the people of Canada, President Justin Trudeau said, “Thank you, Canada — for casting your vote, for putting your trust in the Liberal team, for choosing a brighter future. We’re going to finish the fight against COVID. And we’re going to move Canada forward. For everyone.”

Erin O’Toole-led Conservative party won most of the popular votes but Liberal performed better than opposition party in urban areas, winning 32 per cent of total vote share.

Admitting his defeat, O’Toole said that the total vote share has been increased but the party still needs to work harder to win people’s hearts.

Trudeau, who is in power since 2015, will seek support from Bloc Quebecois to form the government.

A total of 338 seats of the House Common, which is the lower house, need 170 seats to form the government.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden congratulated Trudeau over his win. Both leaders underscored the strong and deep friendship between the United States and Canada, the White House said in its statement.

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